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If you are ready to begin your recovery journey call (479) 785-4083 or (855) 631-4648 (Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm). You will speak with an Admissions Counselor who will complete a pre-screening with you.  A pre-screening consists of questions in which the answers will give the Admissions Counselor an insight into your previous and current usage history, including which types of substances and/or mental health issues you might struggling with.  After hours and emergency admission calls can be made to the above numbers and a staff member will work with you to set up an admission as soon as possible.



Upon completion of the pre-screening process, you are ready to schedule a face-to-face session to determine the right program for you and to discuss other issues such as insurance coverage.  During this session, the Admissions Counselor will review your pre-screen, discuss various levels of care and work with you to determine which one best suits your needs.  You will discuss insurance coverage, should you have an active and current policy.  In the event that you do not have active insurance, we will explore other forms of funding with you.  You may be eligible for state funding.  We also offer a sliding-fee self-pay option which is based on your monthly income.  You will have the opportunity to utilize this session to ask any further questions you might have regarding treatment with Harbor House, Inc.



You select the program that is right for you and begin your recovery journey.  You will be given an admission date and time to arrive for treatment.  In the event that you will be admitted into residential treatment, you will be provided a checklist, which will prepare you for items you will bring to treatment.  It will also inform you of items which are not allowed in our residential facilities.


If you prefer to ask questions by email, please use this form:

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We are committed to the health and safety of our team and clients. With COVID-19 officially listed as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), and with so much yet to understand, we wanted to take a moment to let you know the extraordinary and proactive steps we are taking to ensure our organization's safety and to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

1.) All of our staff working directly with clients are required to wear masks.

2.) Clients or anyone entering our facilities must wear masks.

3.) Residential staff are required to wear face shields.

4.) We are providing both mask and shields.

Harbor House's Contagious Viruses Protocol