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Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Harbor House, Inc. is a behavioral health agency dedicated to providing hope and healing for those suffering from addiction. HHI provides recovery management through multiple pathways of care


Harbor House Inc will be:

  1. To be treatment choice for men and women in western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma who are suffering from addiction
  2. The Workplace of choice for talented professionals who have a superior commitment to helping those suffering from addiction.
  3. To be fiscally responsible and financially sustainable to carry out points 1. and 2. of the Vision for many years to come.

Core Values

Harbor House Inc.’s core values define who are as an organization, and the individual professionals within our organization.

Our person-centered care reflects our value on INDIVIDUALITY.  Every person matters and is worthy of respect and honor. We focus on the entire person, MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.  Consideration of individuality is reflected in our multiple pathways approach to treatment, recognizing there are many pathways to recovery, and everyone must be offered what is best for them.

Our trauma-informed approach to treatment reveals our we value COMPASSION in our treatment pathways.  Suffering takes many forms and kindness is the response to all forms of suffering.

Our CURIOSITY requires that we ask ourselves what this person might have suffered that caused them to become addicted, and now to seek treatment. Curiosity requires an open mind for our professionals, humbly seeking to learn.

We value QUALITY in all areas of our treatment and personal interaction.  Excellence in quality drives us to continually examine our methods and procedures.  This excellence in quality demands continual training and improvement by all stakeholders of Harbor House, Inc.

Strategic Plan Summary

Harbor House Inc. has a Strategic Planning Committee that meets at least quarterly.  The Committee is comprised of three Board of Directors and the CEO of HHI.   The Strategic Planning Committee follows the quote by Stephen Covey, “Begin with the End in Mind”.   Therefore, the Committee guides the organization with big, result ideas and objectives.

The premise of the Strategic Planning Committee of Harbor House Inc is:

  • Think Big
  • Think Long-Term
  • No More than 1-3 Goals

Strategic Planning Objective #1

2022 and 2023

Transitional Living Housing in Hot Springs, Phase I, II, and III

Harbor House Inc. opened a residential treatment facility in Hot Springs, AR on March 1, 2021.  It was a former residential treatment facility that had been closed for exactly one year.   During 2021, the focus has been to staff, train and treat addiction at that facility.  But strategically, Harbor needs Phase I, II, and III Transitional Living in Hot Springs so that graduates of the residential facility, who need a place to go, will have a way transition back into a productive life.  About 80 beds in 14-16 different houses/ apartments are needed for men’s and women’s Transitional Living.

Strategic Planning Objective #2

2024 and beyond

Modern Campus in Fort Smith for Men, Women and Women with Children

Harbor House Inc current residential facilities are a 60-year-old orphanage (men’s facility) and a 60-year-old nursing home (women’s, women with children facility).  Operational costs and continual upkeep are an inhibiting factor to being able to properly treat more individuals suffering from addiction.   Plumbing, HVAC, or electrical work are always on-going at one or both ancient buildings.  Strategically, a new campus for HHI in Fort Smith will be built on a similar floor plan as the facility in Hot Springs with separate wings for Men, Women and Women with Children, plus the efficiency of one kitchen and one dining area.   Ample counseling offices group meeting rooms and recreation areas will also be a part of the planned new campus in Fort Smith.      This Strategic Objective is in the very early planning stages, but should begin in 2024 with completion in 2025.

Harbor House, Inc.

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